Who We Are

In operation since 2009, Prairie Wind Heifer Development, formerly known as Circle Heifer Development, creates a great advantage for our customers. We realize reproduction is a bi-product of nutrition and milk is a bi-product of reproduction, Our goal is to maximize your profit margin and minimize your costs.

Prairie Wind Heifer Development delivers optimal heifer productivity through its high-quality feed supply and combined nutritional, breeding and management expertise. Beyond traditional feedyards and development facilities, we specialize in raising heifers in a dairy like environment. Trainers and stanchions are utilized for heifer management and breeding to ensure that the heifers will be well-acclimated upon arrival at your operation.


a Family owned and managed operation

Between our daily operations management team and our ownership group, Prairie Wind Heifer Development is proud to offer over 150 years of experience in the field of agriculture, specifically cattle development and forage growth. We offer a unique skill set to our customers helping them develop the herd of their future.


General Manager


As the General Manager and member of the ownership group at Prairie Wind Heifer Development, T.J. McClure holds standards of ethics and animal care at our facility incomparable to any other. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Masters in Business in 2005. Raising cattle with the support of his family is his passion.




Dr. Pace has worked with Prairie Wind Heifer Development since the beginning, in 2009. He spends each Monday at our facility performing pregnancy evaluations and reviewing the health of our entire herd. Dr. Pace has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of large animal veterinary care and is the owner/operator of Bovidoc Veterinary Services, LLC.

Our Crew

We are also blessed by our awesome crew. These people work day in and day out no matter the weather to help us keep our heifers safe and healthy. It would be impossible to run this facility without them.

Prairie Wind Heifer Development

3696 E Road 13
Johnson City, Kansas 67855